How many times have you had to open the ends of a heat exchanger to clean the tubes?

The SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door Frame is permanently attached to the heat exchanger and can be easily opened and closed in minutes. This Door is Light Weight and extremely strong.

SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door

There are no safety issues, and the job can take minutes instead of hours, or even days. The Light weight Heat Exchanger Door replaces the heavy metallic cover plate.
The Heat Exchanger Door is extremely strong, but Light weight, and is permanently attached to the heat exchanger with a stainless steel outer ring and a stainless steel hinge.
The door can now be opened and closed in minutes by just opening 6 Wing nuts. No longer do you have to rig the cover plate from the Heat Exchanger! Many times these heat exchanger doors are in difficult places to reach,or rig a metallic cover plates. The other advantage of a SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door is that it will NEVER CORRODE!

Old Technology Metallic Doors

These Heat Exchangers in a power plant are 42” in diameter and have 36 fasteners securing
each cover plate. Each metallic cover plate weighs in excess of 1500 lbs