This SIMS Ball Valve was designed specifically for the US Navy. It is machined from SIMSITE® engineered structural composite,
which never corrodes in salt water, waste water, or chlorinated water and is excellent with most chemicals.

This 2″ Ball Valve was designed, engineered and manufactured by the SIMS Pump Valve Company, Inc. specifically for the US NAVY. This valve was manufactured from SIMSITE® Structural Graphite Composite for Corrosion & Electrolysis Resistance, and for being Light Weight. The Valve has a 2″ diameter inlet and a 2” diameter exit port. This SIMSITE® composite valve was engineered to withstand an operational pressure specification of 300 psi, with a test pressure of 450 psi – (1.5 times the operational pressure). This valve went through extensive testing for both pressure and vacuum. The standard for the testing was 450 psi over the course of a 10-minute period with the ability to maintain a vacuum of 20″ Hg for 15 minutes with no more than 1″ Hg loss.
The SIMSITE® Valve had no leakage when pressure tested, and even exceeded the vacuum test after being subjected to 27″ Hg over a 15 minute period without any vacuum losses.
The benefits of upgrading from conventional ball valves to the SIMSITE® ball valves include superior corrosion resistance, a much lighter weight valve (approximately 15% the weight of metallic valves), and a much better overall life span. SIMSITE® Ball Valves NEVER CORRODE in salt water, waste water, sewage, or chlorinated water and are excellent with most acid and alkaline solutions! The Navy and Marine are currently spending millions of dollars on maintaining the metal valves in place. When the metallic valves are replaced and upgraded to SIMSITE® composite valves, expenses for the Navy and Marine Customers will decrease drastically.

Ball Valve

The drawing below is a general arrangement
and cross section of the 2″ SIMSITE® Ball Valve

Ball Valve

The assembly view of the SIMSITE® Ball Valve shows that two structural composite flanges sandwich the entire ball valve. The flanges are secured to the valve with 1/2-13 stainless steel threaded rods that are bolted at both sides. Those two flanges have 6 (six) 3/4-10 tapped holes at 7/8″ deep that are used to install the valve to pipe flanges.
The SIMSITE® Ball Valve seen in the picture above was designed specifically for NAVY applications. The SIMSITE® Ball Valve is machined to the US NAVY NAVSEA Standard Configuration Drawing for Composite Ball Valves.
These unique valves can be used in a variety of services. SIMSITE® valves are used primarily for corrosive applications such as salt water, brackish water, river water, sewage, and wastewater applications. SIMSITE® Structural Composite Valves are far superior to other valves manufactured from commonly used metallic alloys, because the SIMSITE® Valves will not corrode in most corrosive applications, and because they are lightweight.



The SIMS 3-Way Diverter valve on the right was designed to be coupled to metallic piping and can withstand heavy loading in the US NAVY CHT waste water system. This SIMSITE® diverter valve is 5 times lighter than the original bronze valve and can be installed by just one person. The SIMSITE® diverter valve has a unique ceramic composite liner, which can withstand extremely high velocities for pressure cleaning. The SIMS 3-Way Diverter valve is US Navy Shock and vibration qualified.

Pump Valve
Diverter valve

This combination of a Bronze and SIMSITE® structural graphite composite butterfly valve to the left was designed to be a cost effective solution for butterfly valves, which were corroding in the German Navy. The replaceable liner, wafer, bearings, and shaft will NEVER CORRODE in salt water! When the bronze valves need to be overhauled, the bronze valve body is machined oversize to accommodate the new replaceable SIMSITE® two-piece liner, butterfly wafer, shaft and guide bearings. The result is a butterfly valve, which is far superior to the original metallic valve, because this new hybrid of composite and metal will never corrode in the salt water, or waste water systems!
SIMS has shock and vibration qualified SIMSITE® structural composite Butterfly Valves for the German Navy. SIMS Valves are US Navy as well as German Navy, Shock and Vibration qualified. To meet certain Naval specification requirements, SIMS valves have been fire tested at 2000 degrees F for 30 minutes and the valves were still operational!

Pump Valve

SIMS Pump Valve Company, Inc. has shock & vibration qualified this 4 inch, three (3) way SIMSITE® diverter valve for the US Navy, which was used in the CHT waste water systems.

Sluice Valve

This Sluice Valve seen above is manufactured from SIMSITE® structural engineered composite, which is corrosion and erosion resistant.