Sims HusHeater

The Sims Hush Heater goes about its job of heating processes without making a sound! Moreover, the HusHeater diffuses the steam evenly and efficiently without vibration and noise.

The most common application of the Sims Hush Heater is in heating processes in sugar refineries, paper mills and other plants. Sims Hush Heaters can also be used in filter boxes and hotwells. The Hush Heater can raise the temperature of condensate to any desired temperature (depending, on the amount of steam available and liquid throughput).

HushHeaters Advantages

How to install the Hush Heater

Installation of the Hush Heater is easily managed, but there are certain precautions which should be taken to insure trouble-free operation. Your Hush Heater comes to you assembled, ready to screw onto a three-inch pipe. It can be fitted to other sizes of piping by means of reducers that step the pipe either up or down. An important note: if the nuts on the Hush Heater are loosened for inspection, it is essential that they be tightened to the point where the spring washer is entirely fiat. There are no moving parts, so there is no need to disassemble for adjustments. When used in an open feed system, the Hush Heater may be installed in any compartment of the filter box, but performance will be better if it is located in the clear filter water section.

When setting the heater into any tank, the edge of the Hush Heater hood must be submerged to obtain proper mixing of the heated liquid and prevent surface noises. Complete submersion is better, but it is important not to have the Hush Heater rest on the bottom of the tank. It should be suspended from the steam pipe, or rigid support and be completely clear of the tank base and walls. There must be room for free circulation of the liquid under, and around the Hush Heater. The Hush Heater is guaranteed to operate silently and efficiently if properly installed. It can and will rumble noisily if installed on the end of a gooseneck (Fig. 43).

With the correct piping, allowing for a downward flow of steam, there will be neither noise nor vibration. The Sims Hush Heater can be made of any suitable material to withstand service conditions. Typically, the efficient Sims pre-heater (Hush Heater) is made of bronze. Steam enters at the top of the Hush Heater and flows downward through the inside of the center tube, black arrows; it traces an upward course on the outside of the tube, where it passes through a series of converging nozzles. Suction created by the high-velocity flow of steam through the nozzles draws the liquid (venturi effect), colored arrows, into the mixing chambers. The liquid is heated to the desired temperature by the condensing steam, after which it is discharge through the opening under the hood of the HusHeater. Throughout, the operation is silent and free from vibration.

How to order Hush Heaters

The Engineering Department at Sims offers you full assistance in ordering one, or more Hush Heaters for your plant. As the first step in putting an end to your problems of heating a liquid by the liberation of live steam into it, send our engineers the necessary points of information concerning service conditions. Some operations may require more than one Hush Heater to do the job properly. Sims Hush Heaters can be grouped together in clusters to provide greater throughput. Some operations have required three and even four Hush Heaters per line.

Here is the information our engineers will need to supply you with a silent, vibration-free Hush Heater:

Liquid to be heated

Pressure and volume of steam available

Dimensions of tank & normal liquid level

Throughput of tank

Normal inlet temperature

Desired temperature

Case Histories

An electric control system was employed at one plant to regulate the output and temperature of liquid heated in a process tank. The original heater vibrated so much that the delicate mechanism of the controls was upset. As a result, specifications were rarely met. The vibration problem ceased with the installation of a silent Sims Hush Heater, and from then on the electric controls were reliable.
Coil heaters and jet heaters both were tried in heating sugar liquor in a cylindrical tank at a sugar refinery. With each type of heater, vibration was so strong that even the steel supports of the tanks shuddered visibly. Two 3-inch Sims Hush Heaters were installed with these results: no vibration, steady performance, practically no operating noise.
A Sims Hush Heater used in the filter box of a steamship’s open feed system greatly improved efficiency. The Chief Engineer wrote, “Using the Sims Hush Heater, I find we have a gain of 14 degrees in feed water temperature, and a gain of 46 degrees in the tank. The 230 degrees F maximum temperature can easily be obtained with 5 to 6 pounds less back-pressure using the Sims Hush Heater.”